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Oil resin industry to follow the trend of the Internet + can change the market downturn in the market?
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Oil resin industry to follow the trend of the Internet + can change the market downturn in the market?

Since Prime Minister Lee in the two sessions during the government work report, Internet + action plan, the Internet has become the most popular Internet industry has become the most popular Internet industry since 2015. As we all know, the Internet + fairs Alibaba =; lynx mall = Internet +; Internet + restaurant = beauty group; Internet + taxi = taxi drops; Internet + Zhongguancun = Jingdong Mall; Taobao, Yiwu small commodity market = Internet +... Then the Internet + oil resin can bring a new atmosphere for the industry?

Oil resin industry insiders know, whether it is the number of oil resin production enterprises or production capacity, the Shandong market is second to none. This year by the Shandong Zibo Shun Sheng Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. research and development of mobile terminal petroleum resin app on the line, it is a mobile vertical search engine, it provides more accurate and detailed search service. Can be targeted at the oil resin industry to carry out precise keyword orientation, and combined with mobile LBS to provide APP services to regional management and screening function. APP client in the petroleum resin industry was born, and it became a reality to seize this position, but also to facilitate the information transmission and exchange of oil resin industry.

Shandong Zibo Shun Sheng Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is registered in 2005 set of rubber products, rubber materials, petroleum resin, plastic raw materials, plastic additives, chemical products, road asphalt sales, network technology development and trade in a body of the company. Ten years experience in the purchase and sale of oil resin for the development of petroleum resin industry APP provides a prerequisite. In the interview, general manager Wang Zhongmin introduces to the Yu information, on-line petroleum resin app since, download from Android number has more than 50000, from June began Apple system can also download this software. In the Internet era, oil resin APP meets the needs of customers, to provide a convenient trading platform for the exchange of customer and supply.

Zhongyu information analysis thinks, petroleum resin app while convenient for the exchange of information within the industry, but petroleum resin industry low-end product supply excess, the phenomenon of lack of competitiveness in high-end products did not change. In the lower reaches of rubber tire ink, paint and other industries to develop slowly, the pressure on the oil resin industry is still huge. Here, Yu information hope through the advanced Internet platform, realize resources optimization, reduce product homogenization of competition, more powerful enterprises can try to domestic need has to rely on imported models, such as for glue liquid C5 petroleum resin, the country only Puyang chemical Bandelu an enterprise production, the price of nearly 3 in case of tons. Can be seen only with the trend of the times, continue to introduce new, in order to quickly seize the market, to get more profits!