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Ways to improve the compatibility of petroleum resins
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Ways to improve the compatibility of petroleum resins

In the multiphase system, interphase interfacial area is mainly scattered quality), thickness of the interface layer and interface bonding strength is an important factor in determining the properties of the blends, the control of these factors are inter polymer compatibility. When the two kinds of polymer in contact with each other, first at the interface at mutual moist. Then two phase molecular chain segment by thermal motion and mutual diffusion, and the two kinds of polymers to produce obvious concentration gradient on both sides of the interface, constitute the interphase interface layer and interface layer thickness depends on two kinds of polymer compatibility.

An important way to improve the compatibility of petroleum resin is group interaction is introduced, which has complementary dissimilarity, namely polymer 2 components structure is completely different, but a group of them can interact strongly. As in the non polar groups into blending polar group, may be due to the Hm<0 compatibility significantly improved. The introduction of hydrogen bonds or ionic groups in the polymer chain can enhance the mutual attraction between the two groups.

By adding compatilizer to enhance the polymer blend gold is the compatibility of the studied the most active in recent years, compatibilizer in 2 phase interface and emulsifier role dispersion in polymer blending process. In blends in the join of two groups have the affinity of the three components, namely compatibility agent, can play the role of surfactant, thereby reducing the interfacial tension, the interphase adhesion enhancement, enhance the dispersion degree and mixing uniformity, to improve the stability of the blends [5~7].